Hu’s come to town…and Hu’s happy about it…So are we!!

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Who Hu???

Ummmm…well….Jimmy Hu is in town!!!

 thepunegirl - jimmy huSo whats the ‘Hu’pla all about??? Located in the heart of Koregaon Park, which has some of the most happening night spots and restaurants in Town, JH finds a perfect spot for itself  in a quaint bungalow nestled between Lane 6 and Lane 7.One look at the  dhin-chak signage (a combination of Red, White and Black) and you know that this is going to be a dramatic experience. Two colourful Lambrettas Scooters greet you at the entrance of the patio. Isn’t that cute? Scooters have something so endearing, humble and warm about them, don’t they? There was more excitement waiting inside. Starting with the use of tatami mats (A  type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms) coupled with floor lamps at the Patio, to the Balinese-style open garden with stone pieces and overhead foliage, to colourful and glitzy barrels painted with Chinese characters, JH has borrowed several ideas from exotic Oriental countries to give us hell’uva Oriental-themed Resto-bar.

DSC_0065  SHUTTERBUG ALERT!!!!! A brilliant wall installation made up of doors awaits you when you enter the Air-conditioned area. Yup, you heard it right, doors of various shapes, sizes, textures adorn an entire wall from top to bottom. A simple yet unique idea that gives you instant results when it comes to creating a classy yet cool ambience. The effort put in by Team Jimmy Hu pays off when you are put into a relaxation mode so effortlessly.  Well done! Team Jimmy Hu :) A big hi-5 for that one!

The menu @ Jimmy Hu, is quite limited but refreshingly different. You won’t find an elaborate 3-course



Menu here but what you will find is some great-tasting finger food and a few JH signature dishes. We started with Green Peppercorn Chicken. Now, Pepper Chicken is quite a common dish across most Oriental Restaurants and Bars but this one is different. Succulent chunks of Chicken tossed in a spicy and pungent. Green Peppersauce, slightly crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. It’s Wicked, Wicked Wicked!!!! What a start!!!


Next up, we tried the Chicken Satay and the Chilli Basil Fish. The Chicken Satay comes with a twist. Pieces of Chicken skewered with oriental spices and peanut sauce slathered all over make it distinctively different from the traditional Satay which is served with Peanut sauce alongside it. Hey, Hu cares for authenticity??? At least we don’t. And certainly not if it tastes as good as it did.  The Chili Basil Fish invoked stirring reactions although personally speaking, we’d go with the Chicken satay.  Having said that, do try it for its uniqueness especially if you like Seafood.  The Singapore Prawns were not in the same league as the Chicken Satay, though one could give the Seafood Tempura a shot.


In the vegetarian section, the Chilli Potatoes were terrific. Baby potatoes tossed with a Sweet and Spicy Chilli Sauce and served on skewers. In fact they’re so good, even the carnivores might dig in. The Spinach & Baby corn Tempura was another memorable dish which is an absolutely must try.


Now for the most interesting part of the Jimmy Hu experience. This is a message for all those Closet Cooks (people who love food and have a secret craving to try their hand at it but never get to). It’s time to rejoice, my lovelies!!! Time to get out of the closet and try the D-I-Y (Do It Yourself) Wraps, also called the Jimmy Wraps. So, on your table arrives an elaborate selection of ingredients ranging from the  themselves, fried garlic & onion along with powdered peanuts, a pretty interesting chicken / beef / prawns mince for the filling,a sour and tangy salsa made with raw mango, and last but not the least some juliennes of carrot &radish!! There is a veggie version of the wrap as well. One word of caution though, the raw mango salsa is extremely tangy and sour and may not appeal to everybody’s tastes. We’d recommend sampling each of the individual items before actually rolling them into a wrap. And when you actually take a bite, the flavours combine like a symphony. You won’t stop with one. That’s for sure!!!

There’s really something special about eating noodles in a ‘lil box. And trust us, the ‘lil box ain’t so little. It’s delightfully deceptive in its size. And the taste? The noodles are bursting with flavor.  It can prove to be a great dish whether you are busily watching TV at home (yeah, you can pack a few boxes and take it with you) or when you’re hopping from one table to another at the restaurant. It’s a portable meal at its best. Uber cool stuff!! We Absolutely LOVED it. We loved the concept, the flavor and the packaging. In fact, you won’t need to add a drop of sauce or anything else to it. Ofcourse not to miss out on the chopsticks!!

Here’s a suggestion to the management of Jimmy Hu. Could you please rename the Jimmy Hakka Box to the far more exciting Jimmy ‘Chowmein’ Box. Don’t you think that adds much more excitement to the already exciting flavours that the box packs in? Think about it.


Alcohol lovers can get tipsy over some unique Fresh Fruit cocktails. Our pick was the Scorpion Stinger (Vodka, White Rum, Tequila, Gin, Triple Sec, Orange Juice and Grenadine) and the Singapore Swing (Vodka, Watermelon and Cucumber). The Singapore Swing can be a great way to beat the heat while the Scorpion Stinger is a bold drink which will have its share of followers. Though the place currently doesn’t have its license for serving international liquor, it does serve the Domestic Brands.


Phew! We are stuffed. To tell you the truth, we were stuffed soon after we were done with the finger food but, the foodie within always has its say and we sure are glad that we listened to our ‘inner voice’.

You just gotta give it Jimmy Hu. They’ve managed to get it right. A catchy name (so what if it rhymes with Jimmy Choo); Very catchy one-liners promos; Some pretty interesting and original interiors; And of course, a decently well-stacked menu that isn’t OTT (Over The Top). The food here is delicious. And yes, we love the Vintage Lambrettas outside :) The service is friendly and enthusiastic and very accommodating. The experience at Jimmy Hu is truly unique. This would be our pick of the season.

So now you all know Hu’s in Pune :)


Food                        :     3.5/5

Ambience                :       5/5

Value for Money      :     3.5/5

Service                    :       4/5

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